Friday, May 27, 2011

I guess there is a first time for everything . . .

My friend and one of my musical mentor's, Russ Logan, joined me for a 8 song outdoor concert for our friends who attended the Grapevine Housing Authority spring picnic. These good folk are neighbors to us at the church, and I have been singing for them at Christmas, and also calling the monthly bingo game for the Tenant's Association meeting.

Yes, I call bingo . . . and I am very good at it I might add!

Today, we opened with "I Believe in Music" as I flailed away on my Guild 12-string while Russ provided back up on the mandolin.

There was this woman there who I had never seen before. I took it from the others that she was a new resident. As we concluded the song, she cries out jokingly, "Take your shirt off!"

That, my friends, was a new experience for me . . . I take it that at other types of concerts, male performers are apparently asked to take off their shirts. I cannot recall the last time a child in the hospital or at a church camp, or an adult living in a nursing home has ever asked me to do so.

And, I hope they never do!!!!

As if that wasn't funny enough, the ladies sitting on either side of her start whacking and punching her . . . and telling her, "That's the Methodist preacher!!!"

The poor thing, she looked so embarrassed . . . and later she told me that she was indeed a new resident, and hoped that she had not caused me distress.

Actually, I told her I hadn't found anything as funny in quite a while! She cheered the loudest of anyone else there for all our remaining songs.

I'm still giggling about it!

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

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