Monday, June 29, 2009

Hotrod #2 is coming home . . .

Funny ... I feel like a kid at Christmas time, waiting to open the "big" present.

Last year, Sean Simon and I built two electric guitars . . . both Strats. We name Sean's guitar "Hotrod #1" and mine was "Hotrod #2." Instead of using three single coil pickups, we built both guitars with 2 P-90 pickups . . . very hot pick-ups . . . thus the name "Hotrod."

Scroll down the right side of my blog, and you will find a picture of my guitar above all music and guitar links.

Mine has needed a bit of extra work . . . as I just don't have the experience to more fine tune my guitar than I was able. So I asked our 1st Church String Band lead guitarist, Alan Massey, who is a master woodworker, to work it over for me.

He called me today . . . to let me know that my guitar is ready.

Earlier this year, I traded Alan my G&L Tele for his 1984 Peavey T-60. The main reason for trading, was the action on that T-60, which Alan had set up. I have never handled an electric guitar that I liked to play more than that T-60. The action on that guitar is just "effortless." Alan did a great set-up job on it.

However, that T-60 is incredibly heavy . . . so for rhythm work, I was hoping my Hotrod #2 would work out, as it weighs several pounds less.

Well, if Alan says I am going to love it . . . then I can only believe he has the actions as close as possible to the T-60 set up.

If so, I am going to be very happy and excited.

I am excited. Hoping to pick it up tomorrow, and have some time to play it before our final rehearsal this Thursday night before our July 5th concert.

God's amazing grace, and my friends, still amaze me . . . ><>

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