Monday, December 24, 2018

A Word of Thanks to Lamb's Music . . .

I reported several weeks ago that I had taken two of my acoustic guitars in for repairs.

I recently dropped my Martin D-18 retro onto a tile floor (the strap came off the button), and it bounced twice before I could grab at it with my hands and one of my legs.   The top cracked in two places.   It's an ugly sound when a guitar cracks.  You always remember it.  Sorta stays in the pit of your stomach.

My Taylor GS custom build was damaged when I turned with it and cracked the lower side of it against a chair in my office.  The sound of that crack was also ugly . . . very ugly.   I initially thought it was a finish crack, but upon deeper examination, I confirmed the crack had gone through the wood.

I could have killed myself right then.  What a dunce!

I called J. R. Robeson, our local Taylor rep, and he recommended that I take both guitars to Lamb's Music in the White Settlement neighborhood of Fort Worth.  A good friend who used to be in retail music industry offered the same recommendation.

Lamb's Music is a family run business, and Steve Lamb has an excellent reputation.  To be honest, when I picked up my guitars from him this past Saturday, I was amazed.

I knew from past experience working in a guitar store that the crack in the top of my Martin would still be noticeable.  However, I had to check the edges and binding several times in order to finally see where there had been damage. I was thinking I would have to have the top replaced, but Steve was able to match the finish.  The guitar sounds great, plays great (Thank you Steve for the set up!) and I am very satisfied.

I was a little worried about the repair to the Taylor GS, in part because of Taylor's use of a UV finish.
To tell you the truth, I cannot tell that the guitar was ever damaged.  The repair is superb!  The finish match is outstanding.  And, Steve also set up this guitar, and I've changed my mind about trading it in.  I didn't like the action, but now I love it.  Steve put on a different set of strings, and the sound of the guitar caught my ear.  I need to play this guitar more.  It is the most beautiful guitar I own with a orange sinker redwood top.

I guess it just takes a pro to guide you toward what you didn't know you wanted.  Thanks Steve.

I think the turn around time was about 45 days.  They are very busy at Lamb's Music, as a lot of local musicians take instruments there for set ups, customizations and repairs.

Contact info for Lamb's Music is below in the picture.  I can honestly give them a 5-Star rating.  I know I will be a satisfied repeat customer.

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