Friday, March 1, 2019

Time for a Rainsong . . .

The quest has begun!  I've made the decision to get a Rainsong graphite guitar. 

Big deal, right?  For many, no.  For me, yes.  It is a big deal. 

I have come to the conclusion that I need a "beater."  You know, the guitar you can throw into a trunk.  You can beat-the-hell out of it and it stills plays loud and keeps in tune.   I've discovered that such a guitar, for me, is not one made of wood.  

I have some great guitars.  I have three Martin's, two Guild's and two Taylors  "both of which are build-to-order guitars).  I primarily play the Martin D-18 retro.  It's the lightest guitar I own and it's a pleasure to play for an hour, even after the repairs to the body that I recently had done after dropping it onto a tile floor at the church.  The weight of the guitar helps the strap not dig into my neck as much as it does with either of my Guild jumbo's. 

Ah, the Guild jumbo's, almost the perfect beaters.  I love my Guild F50R six string.  It's my New Mexico / Philmont Scout Ranch guitar.  Doesn't quite project in terms of volume as I would like it to, but a great guitar.  And, a heavy guitar.  But it's not the beater I don't have to worry about.  Low or high humidity will affect that guitar is seconds.  

My two Taylor's are simply the two nicest guitars I own.  Both are sinker redwood and mahogany.  I haven't played the GS in months, and can't remember the last time I played the T-5.  I ordered the T-5 back when I had cancer, and it was an emotional purchase because I thought I might be dying.

I know . . . sad.  Having a guitar and never playing it is a sad thing to a guitarist.  In truth, I am an acoustic player, even when plugged in.   

So . . . I would like a guitar that will humidity and temperatures will have minimal affect on.  I want a guitar that projects well, and I want it to be light.  

That narrows down the choice to a Rainsong dreadnaught or jumbo.  Probably the jumbo.  I'm still 6'6", but down in weight to 248.  A jumbo still looks about right.

More to come.

Rick ><>

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