Thursday, November 9, 2017

I will taking another break from blogging in December . . .

Well . . . I just got the word.  I'm getting not one, but two new knees for Christmas.  

It's time.  The latest x-rays confirmed the right knee is now as bad as the left knee.  Too many years of dealing with old sports injuries, arthritis, and just plain being too tall and too big.  Bone on bone.  The pain is getting worse.  I can't run, and my knees affect my sleep.  I've lost my balance a few times. Too many people, who watch me walk, have started asking me if I am OK or if they can help me to a chair.  I've began using a cane a few weeks ago.  So far, every place I have left it has called me to let me know to come get it.

And . . . it's become painful to carry my guitar and equipment into the venues where I sing.

The truth is, I can't walk a straight line sober . . . let alone in any other condition.  All because of my painful wobbly knees.

So, in the middle of December, I will enter the hospital and have the left knee replaced, and the right  knee replaced a couple of days later.

Prayers appreciated!  The healing and rehab time will be about 3 months.  I'm grateful for my regular gig venues understanding my need to do this.  I'm also grateful for my family, and their encouragement to get this done, even if it is during the holidays.  The church will be taken care of on an interim basis by a retired pastor.

I will post a few more times before the big day, then probably not at all through the rest of December and part of January.  My focus nee\ds to be on healing, rehab, and then engaging life once again with a lot more enthusiasm, energy, and physical ability!

It's all going to work out

God's graces still amazes me . . . ><>

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