Friday, September 6, 2013

Finally . . . back to singing!!

No more talking about it . . .

No more getting around to it . . .

No more wishing it was like it use to be . . .

No more worrying about cancer, or any other stumbling blocks, getting in my way . . .

After more than a years absence from regularly singing and playing guitar for others . . . this coming Monday . . . September 9, 2013 . . . I will sing twice in the morning at Dancing Rivers in Grapevine (senior living / retirement facility), and . . . I will sing for the children who attend  our Monday afternoon "Project Fun" after-school program.

My goal for singing to others this fall, winter and spring is simple enough . . . to sing somewhere . . . for somebody . . .  at least once a week.  I am confident that my pastoral and personal calendars can handle that with no problem.

My voice is good (I actually think it's improved since my 2nd throat surgery . . . but its only strong for about 30-45 minutes).  I need to build up the endurance I had back when I was singing 2-3 times a week before being diagnosed with cancer and going through surgeries and treatment.

Endurance will come again from singing regularly.

My Guild jumbo's are in great shape, and "Marty" (my Martin DC-16) can handle any situation where I need to "plug in."

So . . . decent "pipes" and good equipment.  And . . .  a good attitude as well.

I know what's at stake for me personally, and for the people I sing to.  And, if I might be so blunt in saying . . .  I truly "give a damn" again about singing!

At some point this past year, I guess I lost the passion to sing . . . perhaps because I had no singing voice for 3-4 months.

But the observations a couple of people shared with me in past months has helped me see things differently again.

My wife confirmed something that was brought to my attention for the first time this past July at Philmont.  She told me that when I sing and play guitar, I look different.  She said that I look really happy and full of joy.

At Philmont this past July, one of my protestant chaplain colleagues, Dr. Jim DeLair, told me the same thing.  I think the way he put it to me was, "every time I've seen you playing your guitar . . . you just glow!"

I'm ready to sing.

I'm ready to play guitar.

I'm ready to glow . . . and to help  children and adults glow through the power, comfort and healing that comes through music.

I'm ready . . . really ready!  Let's do this!

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

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