Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Both sad and excited to report . . .

This past week, after a 4+ year run, my good friends at Grapevine Guitar Works closed the doors to their showroom in Grapevine.

Sad . . . as I really enjoyed having a guitar store just a few blocks from the church . . . in particular because the main owner is a dear friend . . . I helped paint the showroom, hand slat-board, and helped display guitars as my schedule permitted. In truth, I spent a lot of days off helping around the showroom.  Even sold a few guitars.  Played a bunch.  Figured out in the process the kind of guitars I like the best.   The GGW showroom and storeroom were  also my "hidey-hole", or the place I could hide for a while to deeply think about things that needed thinking about.

I'm going to miss that place.

I am excited as well . . . as GGW is not going away by any means. They are re-vamping their website, and will soon be an even stronger presence on the internet. Below is more info directly from their website.

Check them out in the days to come.  They always have done me right and good.

I'm still a local music store kind of guy . . . but times change.

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>


We are re-inventing our website over the next few days, to coincide with our major decision to close our Grapevine, TX showroom in favor of a full service concierge and appointment based guitar trade and sales organization. For those of you who have supported our local showroom over the last 4 years, we offer our sincere thanks.  Our online presence will be stronger than ever as you will see in the coming weeks and we look forward to this model, which we view as the future of how people try and buy guitars. While your waiting for our new site to go live, please be sure to head over to our eBay store, where every item we have in inventory is listed!  And as always, if we're online, we're available to live chat!

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