Friday, November 16, 2012

Update: Some side effects continue

Two days now with a very tender and sore neck, including some swelling. The very bad fatigue of Wednesday evening and yesterday has let up. Taste buds are still a bit off; however, the metallic taste is gone. I have not yet experienced any kind of dry mouth, which I had been told to expect.

I can resume some normal activities on Monday, and can be back in public for sure on Tuesday, and glad for that as the Reigelman's are coming through town and we really want to see them.

Yesterday was just one of those rare "mostly bad days." I don't have many bad days, because I believe that a bad day is more about my deciding it's a bad day, rather than trying to identify something redeemable. I believe there is something redeemable about every single day, in every single relationship, in every single person. I decided, a long time ago, to live life this way. Doing so has served me well for a long time. It's been an act of faith.

Yesterday ... was pretty bad. Painful physically and emotionally. Not wanting to get out of bed because you honestly don't feel like it ... can be frustrating for some. Today is off to a better start despite some lingering side effects from treatment. In the end, this will all pale when compared to the cancer journeys some of you have, and are facing. I promise this to all of you, should you seek me out for pastoral care ... I will have a more empathetic ear to give to you as a result of what I experienced.

I hope that will do us all some good.

God's grace still amazes me ... ><>

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