Friday, November 23, 2012

Joe Walsh . . .

If I have a favorite electric guitar player, it's Joe Walsh.

During my period of isolation last week, I watched an abnormal amount of television.  Granted, normal for me is NO television at all . . . seriously, I just don't watch TV anymore.

However, I watched my Eagles DVD (live concert in Australia)  and also found a Netflix movie called the "Strat Pack" which was a tribute concert in England in memory of Leo Fender.  Joe Walsh had the longest set on the movie, and he was just fantastic. 

This past month, Joe was Daryl Hall's guest on the most recent Live from Daryl's House internet program.  Check out  He and Daryl do a version of Joe's "Funk #49/50" on the show which was just plan awesome.

What a program!!!!  Joe looks as broad shouldered and healthy as I have ever seen him.  His new album, his first in 20 years, is out and its called "Analog Man."  Joe has been sober for 18 years now, and shared that it took him that long to re-learn how to write music again in a sober state of mind.

Are there more skilled electric guitar players than Joe?  Probably.  But Joe Walsh is my favorite electric guitar player.

Can I play like him?

Are you kidding? In my dreams maybe . . . heck, I can't even play scales!

But I do so love to watch Joe play, and hopefully in the near future I will get to attend a concert.

I think he is getting ready to do some of his best stuff.  

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

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