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Update: Getting a few things figured out . . .

Well, New Mexico has been a blessing so far.  Philmont is beautiful with more wildlife than last year.  They could use some rain.  Couldn't we all. I hear we are getting some back home.

In the course of reconnecting with folk we meet here last year, it turns out that I am:

1) not the only person dealing with a type of cancer, and
2) people who have survived cancer are quick to come visit with you and offer you the kind of support that only those have experienced cancer can offer.

Same thing happened last Friday when the e-Blast from the church went out .... Some of the first emails and texts I received (and I received around 50 on Friday) were from people in our church family who also have thyroid cancer, and from those who have had thyroid cancer.

The key message from their messages to me, which Liz and I have drawn much hope is .... "It's treatable!  You will get over this!!

My doctor told me the same thing.  But to my knowledge, he has never had thyroid cancer.  But he has treated people who have had it for a long time.  I love the guy.  Dr. Charles Railsback.  Wonderful man.

To hear from those who have it, though, and from those who have overcome it ... I hear those words more to the heart.

So, this morning I stepped outside of our room here at the Philmont Training Center, and gazed outside.  The PTC Chapel is just outside our door ... And as I watched the sunlight begin its work on what has been a beautiful morning ... I pondered the words sent to me by my friend, Bobby Lucas ...

"God wants us to move through the day with a quiet assurance that He is in control, a peaceful certainty that our lives are in His hands, a deep trust in His plans and purposes, and a thankful disposition toward all that He allows."

Works for me ... Today.

God's grace still amazes me ... ><>


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