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"Comments" and various other updates . . .

FYI . . . I "moderate" all comments that come to my blog.  That means it may take a while until I check them. I think the comments link should be working better now, as several reported through the Church Office that their comments were not being accepted.

If any problems, please let the Church Office know, and they will contact me, and I will see what I can do. 

Now, as for walking . . .

Yesterday, Sunday, 9/16/12, began my week of service as the Chaplain at the Philmont Scout Ranch.  I put in . . . (drum roll please) . . . 18,885 steps, according to my official UMC Clergy step counter.  And, I woke up this morning with no adverse effects, and feel OK.

Today, for some reason, I seem to have more energy . . . perhaps acclimated somewhat to the elevation.  It's not quite 2 PM here and I have 9054 steps.

Folks, if you just basically want to feel better  . . . and there are no underlying health issues that prohibit you from doing so . . . there are really only two things you initially need to start doing, provided you are physically able and cleared by a doctor to do so (and I got clearance / approval from my doctor for both):

1)  Start counting calories that you take in through eating, and the calories you expend from exercise.  Set a calorie goal.  When you reach it for the day . . . stop eating. 
2)  Start walking.  I did . . . even with my bad heel, bad knees and bad hip . . . and I am starting to feel better.  Liz commented today that I was mostly walking without a limp.  Hooray!

You may not be able to do count calories (diet) and start a walking program at the same time, but eventually you will.  I had to lose some of the weight first.

Oh, for those who are asking, "how much does Rick weigh now?"

250 pounds.  I was in the upper 330's a few months after Ken's death.

I'm committed to being in the best physical, emotional and spirital shape I have been in for a long time on October 4th  . . . when I arrive for surgery #2 on my neck.

Oh, by the way . . . the voice is coming back. 

I will try and answer all the emails sent today.  Thank you all.  Your support and offer to walk with Liz and I on this hopefully short journey is blessing us mightily!!

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>


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