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I think when people eat, it is proof they are alive . . .

Just back from singing for about 50 minutes during lunch at the South Colleyvine Ranch retirement center here in Grapevine. A great place with great staff, a beautiful complex, and some pretty neat residents. I'm tired, and the fingers on my left hand are hurting something awful.

But I want to go back soon and do it again!

The people there applauded and cheered after each song. That is always good.

It beats them cutting my throat.


That reminds me of a great old joke. The singer says, "I've been having lots of throat trouble lately." Another person says, "Oh, why?" The singer answers, "Because when I finish, people start lining up to cut my throat!"

Double Pa-Da-Bing!!!!!

Anyway, South Colleyvine Ranch is very similar to the retirement center where my grandmother lives in Temple. In my visits there, and in my many pastoral trips to visit and sing in other retirment and nursing homes . . . I have made an observation.

For seniors, being able to eat is proof they are alive. When they start walking to the dining area from their room/apartments for breakfast, lunch or supper . . . they do so with such determination!!!

Heck, I think it is true for most people . . . that being able to eat is proof they are alive. It is for me sometimes.

One of our staff has been battling cancer in his esophogus, and lost a lot of weigh because he was unable to eat, mostly because he could not swallow. Lately, he has been able to eat and hold down some food . . . and he just looks better . . . not so much because he has new hope . . . but because eating itself is proof he is alive.

When Jesus raised the dead man at the funeral in Nain, he told the people to give the man something to eat. When the people saw the man eat . . . they new he wasn't a ghost. They knew he was alive through the power and grace of Christ.

I saw some "alive" people today. That's a good thing.

I'm better than I deserve! ><>


floyd said…
You remember when the risen Jesus appeared to the disciples as they were fishing. When they got to shore he cooked and ate a piece of fish in front of them, to prove he was not a ghost or spirit, but had a body. He was truly alive in his glorified body, more alive than any of us will be until we receive the same kind of immortal body. What a great day that will be!
doodlebugmom said…
I think its wonderful you go and share your talent with the residents. I am sure they enjoy every minute :)

My oldest daughter worked in the kitchen of a nursing home thoughout high school. She loved spending time chatting. For many of them, meals were the only time they would come out of their rooms.
Rick said…
This is the case at some of the nursing homes I visit. For some, going to the dining room is their "big" physical effort of the day. I believe the socializing is often "dessert" for them as well.
Rick said…


Rick ><>

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