Friday, November 9, 2018

Damn . . . I broke my Martin D-18

I was walking from my office into the Fellowship Hall to help lead and sing "On Top of Sphaghetti" with our Cub Scout Pack last night.

I was carrying my Martin D-18.  I had the strap around my shoulders.  As I reached for the door, the strap connected to the end pin gave way . . . and before I could grab the guitar, it bounced off the floor once on it's side and then flat on it's top.

I can't remember a time when my gut got that sick so quickly.

I picked it up . . . gave it a once over . . . and thought . . . "Wow, it's ok!"

Then I checked the top . . . yep, just above the end pin area, the top of the guitar has separted (about 2-3 inches) from the tortoise shell binding.  There is a 2 inch crack in the finish and wood from the edge going in the direction of the bridge.

I'm getting sick again just writing about it.

I still played the D-18 for the Cub Scouts.  The neck was fine. 

I guess I'm heading over to the approved Martin repair luthier in Fort Worth to get a quote on repairs.  Poor thing.  Time to invest in better straps and quality strap pins.

Funny thing, I've been carefully considering all of my guitars. I have written before that I am considering trading in my Taylors and Guilds and acquiring a couple of Rainsong graphite guitars, which I believe are better suited for what I do.  The D-18 was number 1 on my list was the Martin D-18.  Yep, the Martin J-40 was not number 1  . . . it was the D-18.

Well, damage or not, it's a keeper . . . and I am sure it can be repaired easily enough by a compentant luthier.  Updates soon.

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