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Fred Kelly Slick Pick

I think I found a new thumb pick . . . one that I can fingerpick, and strum with.  I hope, because I spent $1.50 each for a dozen of them.

While searching the internet for interesting stuff several months ago, I can across Fred Kelly's website, where all the guitar picks he manufactures are listed.  I have heard of his "Speed Pick", which is used by a lot of famous guitar players, like Doyle Dikes and Charlie Daniels.   

I wanted to find a thumbpick that I could also use for strumming when the situation calls for it. The thumbpicks I have been using seemed to grab at the strings when strumming upward. They also had long points. When I read the reviews about the Slick Picks, I thought I had found an answer.   However, not being able to locate any locally to try out, I decided to pass on them.

Yesterday, after I attended a meeting in Weatherford, TX, I ventured just north of the city square to see if Craig's Music was still in business.  "Lo and behold," they were still there, going strong in their 36th year!   On my way out after looking around, I decided to check out their pick selection.  To my surprise and delight, I saw that they had a good selection of both the Delrin and Poly style Slick Picks.  

I found some that fit (the large ones for me), and went back to the Acoustic Room.   I tried them out on a Martin D-28, and thought to myself, "Self! These might work!"  I "picked" out some medium Poly's and a couple of light guage Delrin's.   We will see how it goes. 

I am a strummer, or "boomchucker" as we use to say around the campfire years and years and years ago.  I tend to strum hard, especially in non-amplifies settings. I can fingerpick some, (1-2-3 or 1-3-2 patterns) but my technique honestly needs a lifetime of improvement.   In strumming with a flat pick, I know that the my technique actually depends more on the wrist than the angle of the pick.   The Slick Picks are short, with a rounded edge, and they are slick, on both sides.  I think I can learn to be creative with them, if I put some work into it.  

The sound my D-18 made when I got back to the office . . . I didn't want to put it down.  Could have been the Slick Picks, it could have been the new Monel strings (more on that in my next blog.)  Or, it could have been the combination of a tuned guitar, the pick, the strings and the player.  It usually works that way.

I am curious and intrigued with these Slick Picks.  I have a gig in Waco in a couple of weeks.  I'm going to rehearse with these picks and then write about them again in October after the gig is over. Hopefully these picks will become another useful guitar tool / accessory.

God's grace, and acoustic guitars, still amazes me . . . ><>


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