Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Takamine Triax pickup is on it's way

Taking into consideration a lot of suggestions from a lot of people, I made the decision to order a Takamine Triax (Active/Passive) sound hole pickup from Murphy's Music in Irving, TX.

I had this pick up in a Martin 12-string that I STUPIDLY let get away from me (with nothing today to show for it!!!!)  

The Triax is made for Takamine by L. R. Baggs, and it is pretty much the same as an L. R. Baggs M-80, except it does not have the button to push to activate a small light display which indicates how much battery life the pick up has left.  Don't know why you need to know this, because the pickup goes into passive mode should the battery go out while it is in active mode.

Another neat feature is that in active mode, this pickup also senses the movement of the top of the guitar.  As I said, I have had one before, and liked it a lot.

The Triax is also black, which doesn't stand out (in my opinion) as much as the cream colored Baggs M-80.

Anyway . . . the pickup should be here this Friday, and I hope to have it installed this weekend.

The joy of a sound hole pickup, especially the Triax and the Baggs M-80, is that you do not have to permanently mount the pickup.  It has a quick disconnect, meaning you can permanently mount the endpin jack, and with the help of a couple of interior body clips, keep the cable secure (not rattling inside the guitar) until you need to install the pickup for a gig in which you run the guitar through your amp or PA.  Maybe takes a minute to install if you know what you are doing.


In all honesty, I prefer to carry one guitar to most gigs, especially when I am singing and playing solo.  It's hard enough to watch one guitar, let alone 2 or more.   I think the Triax was the best choice considering all the things I felt were important.

More to come!

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

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