Friday, July 5, 2013

Philmont Report #1

Greetings from Philmont Scout Ranch!

I arrived at 8:15 AM on Monday, July 1st, having left Colorado Springs at 5 am.  It was an awesome drive going south through Pueblo, Trinidad, Raton Pass, and then out to Cimarron, and finally to the Philmont.

Monday and Tuesday were spent in getting in a weeks worth of training in 2 days.  I did get to lead evening Protestant Chapel on July 1st, and preached on July 2nd. I will preach again on Friday.  I am sharing Protestant Chaplain responsibilities with 2 other gentlemen, and we are getting along great.  my back country driving training was overseen by our Jewish Chaplain, Cantor Michael Dzubin of Miami, Fl.  Yesterday I drove up to Cimarroncito Camp, and then waaaaaaaayyyyyy out to Sawmill Camp to pick up 3 hikers who were ill, to bring then down to the Health Lodge at Camping Headquarters.   I am thankful the Suburban's we drive here have 4 wheel drive.  I drove from 6500 feet up to over 10,000+ feet in elevation on gravel, dirt and mud roads, including driving to Sawmill during a hail storm.

Awesome . . . I can't wait to do it again.

Being a chaplain at Philmont is a "ministry of presence."   We are expected to be visible and available to campers, adult advisors, as well as the Philmont Staff.  This coming week, I will be the Camping Headquarters Chaplain, and will spend time training the Chaplain Guides on each trek crew.  This are  youth who have volunteered to serve in this capacity for their crew.   I will participate in 3 services on Saturday, and will preach at least 3 times on Sunday.

A miracle of sorts has taken place.  I haven't limped much in the past couple of days.  Many friends and church members are aware that I have dealt with some chronic plantar facaistis pain over the past few years.  I've averaged over 14,000 steps each of the past 4 days, and my foot seems to be hurting less.  I'll take it.

On Monday and Tuesday, we had chapel at an alternate site due to rain showers.  The past two evenings, we had chapel outside at the Protestant Chapel area.  It is an awesome place to have worship.  I haven't been able to upload the pictures I took, but hope to have that worked out soon.

I hope to write some more in the next few days, and perhaps post some pictures.  Wish I hadn't forgotten my camera . . . but my phone seems to be working ok with pictures so far.

Appreciations for those who promised to pray for me daily during my time away. I really appreciate it.

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

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