Thursday, June 13, 2013

Deadlines approaching . . . it's a busy time . . .

My focus right now is to have everything I have backlogged in my project notebook finished by or before June 28, which is the day I leave for New Mexico for a month of renewal/mission leave at the Philmont Scout Ranch, where I will be serving as one of the Protestant chaplains in July.

Included in these efforts are my trying to finalize the list of gear, clothes and music stuff I am taking with me.  Space in my Saturn Vue is limited.  Hard decisions, and lot's of paring down my lists.  Each time I go over them, I cross a couple of things off.  I only have room to take what I absolutely need.

Lean and mean . . .  that may mean just one guitar if I take my PA system with me.  That will be my last decision.  Sean has loaned me a factory repaired Taylor 916ce, frankly the most beautiful guitar I have ever had in my temporary or full-time possession.  It has a large (long) factory repaired crack in the soundboard, that is still slightly visible.  It sounds very nice, a different more mellow tone than my GS Custom.  We shall give each a hard look.  My GS Custom is going for sure.  I took it to Philmont last September and it held up great.

I'm on the down-hill slide, and not that far from being completely ready to go.

Also in my project notebooks are things that need to be checked off as I get ready for VBS here at the church in a couple of weeks.  I'm the singer/worship leader/opening session MC again this year.

Oh, I do so love VBS!!!!

Lot's of projects . . . all that I promised to have done before I left.

I try hard to keep my promises.  I don't enjoy letting people down.  Because of the wonderful pastoral team I have the privilege to work with, and our assistant, Katherine, and because of our great Stephen Minister team and others . . . everything will be covered, very well covered.

Thank you Lord for great team mates!!!

One of the joys in all of this is creating the list of songs I will use/play for chapel services each night in July.  I'm leaning toward "fun and action oriented" in my song selections so far.  A few slow worship songs as well, and some good churchy songs that work well on guitar.  I think the kids and adults will enjoy the energy, especially as the songs help set up the rest of the chapel service.

I did decide, and I am sticking with my decision, that I am not taking any sermons I have already written.  Each time I preach, I want it to be a fresh message based on my devotional studies I will do each morning.  I usually write about 8 sermons a year.  I will probably write at least 20+ for just July at Philmont.  I am ready, so very ready for this particular challenge.

I am looking forward to drawing closer to God as a result.

Prayers during July would and will be greatly appreciated.  Especially for my own particular "thorn in the flesh" . . . my right foot (heel).

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

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