Sunday, June 9, 2013

Concert Report . . .

I just plain forgot to post about my concert for the New Horizon group on May 28th.

To quote the late, great Andy Griffith . . . "Outstanding!"

This was my first full concert (about an hour) singing the songs I love and grew up with, with time spent including the audience joining in on the choruses.

Several quoted that it was the best program that New Horizon had all year!!!  

Guess I get to go back and sing again in the fall!

Oh, and to be honest . . . after I sat down . . . I couldn't get up, I was so tired.

But, the voice held, although a little raspy at the end.   This was my first concert using my Lucas Nano 300 PA for both voice and guitar.   It worked very well.  I borrowed a Taylor 514e from Sean Simon at Grapevine Guitars Works to use, and enjoyed it very much.  However, I'm a GS (Grand Symphony) guy, and I took it back all cleaned and retuned.

All in all . . . a good event all around.

And, I can finally say it . . . despite the thyroid cancer and all that went with it . . .

I'M BACK!!!!!

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

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