Thursday, January 31, 2013

Every last Thursday of the month, our three Iron Men Breakfast groups come together for a large gathering to eat and fellowship together.  This morning I shared about my volunteer efforts through Hugworks, as well as my own theraputice music entertainment ministry through my work at the church.  I also led a group discussion on the importance of sharing our faith by helping others through personal involvement in church and community mission efforts.
Many of the men in attendance this morning volunteer and serve in ways to numerous for me to list here . . . and the list would be very diverse.  Most, when asked why they serve, would answer, "I feel I am supposed to."  Some want to give back, others want to pay-it-forward.  Some would answer, "because Jesus wants me to."  That's a good answer.
This was also my first time to use the HK Lucas Nano 300 PA system in public.   In the 1st picture, you can barely see one of the small satellite speakers to the right of the lecturn stand next to the wall.  (Look for the little black square in front of the dark wood window blinds in the 2nd window from the right. It's on top of a black mic stand about 5 feet off the floor.)
In the 2nd picture, you can just make it out in front of the dark window blinds, just above the gentleman with the blue shirt and bald head.  (Hi Rocky!)
Can't see them?  Yep, the satellites are that small (only about 6" x 6" x 5") . . . and I only had the volume setting on midway (detent position) and it was a little too loud.  the subwoofer was on the flor behind me.  I am very satisfied with how it quickly hooks up, and how it sounds.  I will make the final payment on it next week.  It's a keeper.
Yes, the guitar sound coming through the PA was the sound of my guitar.  I am thrilled.
I hope to be able to head to Dallas this afternoon to sing at the Children's Medical Center  for Hugworks with good friend Larry Dykstra.   It will be a good day of music.  Considering the number of funerals I have officiated so far this month . . . I need a day of music for some emotional balance.
God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

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