Monday, December 10, 2012

Body scan results tomorrow morning ...

Tomorrow morning, Tuesday December 11th ... 3 months since my ENT called to tell me that I had thyroid cancer, I will meet with my oncologist to get the report from my recent full body thyroid cancer scan.

I am a bit nervous and apprehensive ... naturally so ... however, based on how I have felt the past 2 weeks, I am expecting something positive.

The entire process beginning with my experiencing regular fatigue in my voice and noticing a lump in my throat to the present time has has taken about 6 months.  Half-a-year dealing with cancer. Not as much as most people with cancer that I provided pastoral care to over the years, but every journey is different I guess.  The last 2 weeks are the first I've worked a regular schedule since the last week of August.  That's a long time to me.  In my own mind, I've not accomplished much In 2012, and I'm pretty much calling this year a wash.  I've have managed to accomplish a few personal and professional goals I set.  At the same time, a good number of goals were simply "tabled" for the time being.  Nothing major, but none-the-less, some things I needed and wanted to check off my list.  There are always other days and new lists!

The level of fatigue after surgery until I could take the treatment was more than I anticipated or was advised to expect.  Some days went well. Most ended early. The half-days I did manage to be in the office were few and far between. I felt "out-of-the-loop" after a while in addition to feeling like I was in the way of everybody else.  I am forever indebted to our church staff as each, without fail, advised me to focus on getting well.  My thanks also to everyone in the church for cards, calls and prayers.

Tomorrow I get the word.

God's grace still amazes me ... ><>

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