Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Grapevine Guitar Works is expanding their showroom

The GGW showroom is expanding in the coming weeks.  The new additions will house many of the higher end Gibson and Taylor acoustics, along with Eastman and other acoustic brands.

I get to help with the remodel . . . as I do a lot of the display work as part of GGW sponsoring my TME  ministry.  The additional space will give acoustic players a place to play with a wall between them and those shopping for or trying out electric guitar players through amps.

More to come from GGW, including two new lesson rooms in the near future.  As I understand it, GGW is one of the fastest growing independent guitar stores in Texas.  I am glad to be associated with them.  I think there may be a new special announcement from Gibson Guitars as well in the near future!

For more info, check out www.grapevineguitarworks.com or give them a call!

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