Tuesday, July 3, 2012

RIP Andy Griffith . . . the guy I wished had been my dad

Surprisingly, the news today of Andy Griffith's death is hitting me harder than I thought.

Years ago, as a child, I watched him on TV play Sheriff Andy Taylor of the fictional community of Mayberry, North Carolina.  I believe I have seen every episode at least twice . . . maybe dozens of times.

No doubt the DVD tribute of the shows will cost big bucks.  Better get a copy now!

Truth be told . . . I believe I actually consider his Sheriff Andy Taylor character to have been a mentor. Father figures on TV were a part of my childhood.  A sheriff who never wore a gun.  A loving Dad who was not mentally ill like my dad was.  A man who treated his family, friends, neighors and strangers with love and respect.  What's not to like?  And what's not to respect . . . even in a fictional character? 

As a child I wished that Sheriff Andy Taylor had been my dad.  Perhaps what I really wanted was to have lived in Mayberry itself . . . where values, good neighbors and friends could always help you through the problems of life . . .  a place where bad guys didn't stay long because Andy either arrested them or sent them packing off somewhere else.

I enjoyed his "Matloch" series as well . . . and I liked to listen to him sing and play guitar.  He was a multi-talented musician. 
There are numerous tributes to him on the internet today . . . already 10 times more than there were this morning.

This is my little tribute . . . to a guy I wished had been my dad.

RIP Andy. 

As I have written before . . . I am now the age where my mentors and heroes are passing from the world at a faster rate than I would like to acknowledge. 

Sad, but yet a part of life that eveyone must one day experience.  Harvesting value from the intersection of their lives with mine is how I help share their legacy.

Yet, God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

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