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Finally . . . stuff about music!

Perhaps stuff is shaking out to the extent that I can catch up on writing about music.

So, a quick update . . .

My Guild F50R jumbo 6 string is in the shop.  The Seymour-Duncan pick up that Sean over at Grapevine Guitar Works ordered for me is in . . . and here's hoping that Bill can get to it this week.  I've had this guitar for a year now, but have never heard it / played it with a pick up.  I know I am going to like it.  An awesomely loud acoustic guitar.  It will be fun to play it "lightly" through my Fishman Loudbox 100 amp.

I sang this morning at the Woodridge Care Center here in Grapvine.  I do a little 30 minute concert there every 2nd Monday morning at 10 AM.   What the people like to hear there changes every time I go, so I still have to take my notebook with me.  I'm working to increase the number of memorized songs I know, so that a notebook and music stand is not needed.  I like wandering around and singing.  Sort of hard to do today, because I forgot to take a guitar strap with me! 

The more I play the Taylor Custom GS (sinker-redwood), the more I am impressed.  Seriously, words escape me about this guitar.  I just want to stop and "sigh" as I write about it.

iPad's are awesome, and I am going to soon begin using one to record some songs, and perhaps play my guitar through.  Lot's of interesting music apps out there.

My annual trek to Philmont Scout Ranch to serve as chaplain for a week at the Philmont Training Center is not that far away.  Looking forward to Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and the closing camp fire on Friday.  I will get to play and sing at each.  Tuesday and Thursday nights are a community band sing-a-long of sorts.  Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of fun.

Singing for children in hospitals?  Not much lately.  I just haven't had the time with my schedule at church.  I hope to at least start going with Jim Newton and Paul G. Hill ( to Cook Chidlren's Hosptial in Fort Worth a couple to times a month.  My therapeutic music entertainer (TME) partner, Larry Dykstra, in hiking in Spain this summer.  Can't wait until he gets back so we can get some dates and events calendared.

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>


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Would you life to share share about your favorite musical instrument?

What is your favorite guitar or other musical instrument?  Please let me know.  I'd like to interview you about your relationship with your favorite instrument.

I am interested in talking with, and getting to know, everyday people who make music.  That's the kind of person I am.  I'm an everyday kind of guy, and I love to sing and play guitar for everyday people. 

Although I have too many guitars, several ukes, a couple of old banjo's, a bunch of harmonicas and several Native American flutes, I am interested in stories about other instruments as well.  I have it in my mind that this blog will probably feature more stories about guitars and singer-songwriters.  However, I am open to stories about people and their love for other instruments.  So, if you play the accordion, piano, pennywhistle, drums . . . or can crack your knuckles in time to music . . . I want to hear your story.

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