Thursday, November 10, 2011

A busy day . . .

My day began with my attending one of our Iron Men Bible Study locations. We have two that meet on Thursday mornings, and a new Thursday evening group that will begin meeting tonight.

Then I went to my office at the church to grab my Guild 12-string, then off to Dallas and Children's Medical Center. My TME (theraputic music entertainment) partner, Larry Dykstra, and I sang to over 200+ children and adults in several different clinics and other locations.

Lunch with my wife followed, a wonderful mid-day respite.

Then back to my office at the church for phone calls, and reading several chapters of John Eldridge's Wild at Heart, and Rob Bell's Love Wins, then I allowed myself a few minutes on the Martin Guitar website to lust after their new jumbo baritone guitar.

I will leave here shortly for a wedding rehearsal, then home.

A busy day.

As much as I write and talk about how singing and playing guitar "fills" me with energy, I have to admit that so does reading a really good book. What is dissappointing, is that there are not that many really good books. But the two I am reading now are both worth the effort to take in every word.

Tomorrow I will be over at Grapevine Guitar Works for a couple hours of work, helping to front and merchandise the showroom. That will give me some energy because I enjoy doing something totally different on my day off.

Also, the wedding I will officiate at tomorrow . . . a great couple, with a lot of wonderful time ahead for them filled with many possibilities. Weddings fill me with energy.

Reading a Bible verse over and over . . . seeing others involved in random acts of kindness . . . risking the trust needed to develop truly deep relationships . . . all fill me with energy.

And then there are those special words and thoughts, which can only be from God. Today the word was . . . you are happy when you are busy . . . why?

A great question. I need to spend time figuring out the answer.

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

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