Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Concert difficulities . . .

Yesterday evening, I was asked to sing at our monthly "Be Our Guest" Dinner here at the church. This is a monthly meal where we provide a special sit-down dinner for the people who live around our church. It is well attended, with usually 100+ people joining us for dinner. Last night was no exception.

I took my Taylor NS-74 and plugged it in to the house system . . . and the troubles, at least in my mind, began. Something was shorting out . . . and the guitar just sounded "snotty" for want of a better term. I hate fighting a guitar, especially one that has been good to me in the past. I actually felt like smashing it on the floor.

OK . . . time for some counseling maybe??

So, I ran upstairs and got my Fishman amp. Problem with the guitar solved! Then the mic connectoin went out . . . so I plugged my mic into the amp, and hit the 100 watt button. Seemed to do the job.

I made the decision last night that I need to use a monitor more often. Hoping Sean at Grapevine Guitar Works can make a suggestion to me.

So . . . I left last night thinking . . . "not the quality performance I like to provide."

Today . . . I have already received 3-4 "hey, you did a great job last night!" from various people. They seemed sincere. I guess I did better than I thought.

Most of the venues I sing at, we do not need microphones or amps. At area children's hospitals, we actually walk around, more or less as traveling minstrels, to various places we have been assigned for the day. Using electronics . . . in truth . . . I still don't have much experience, and to say that I am unsatisfied with my current set up is an understatement.

It's time for some professional advice.

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

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