Monday, August 22, 2011

I don't really have that much time left . . .

It hit me this morning . . . like it does many morning when I get out of bed, hoping my knees are going to work . . . hoping the tendenitis in my right heel will not be as bad as it usually is . . . hoping I can walk without screaming . . . hoping that the older ladies around our church will quit offering to help me cross the street . . .

It hit me . . . that I'm 54 years old.

In the grand scheme of things . . . I probably don't have much time left . . . at least not compared to the time I have lived so far.

That thought, for me at least . . . is motivating!!

It got me to thinking a bit . . . re-evaluating if you will . . . why I sing and play guitar. I mean beyond the "I like to" or "it makes me feel good" comments. I mean, I spent a night watching and listening to Noel Paul Stookey for crying out loud. It is obvious why he continues to sing and play at age 73. He has his reasons . . . the causes he believes in. He wants people to love, care for and respect each other. He really still, after all these years . . . longs for a world of peace.

I figured out this morning . . . that I want to help change the world, the little bit that I can, in the same way. I sing and play guitar / tenor banjo / baritone uke to help make the world a little better place.

I sing and play to help people who are different sing together . . . talk together . . . come to the table together.

I sing and play so children can take a mental and emotional break from the stress of a hospital stay.

I sing and play so that senior adults can have a break from the soul and life sucking monotony of living in a nursing home.

I sing and play . . . so people might have some peace.

I sing and play . . . hoping to help make people smile.

The song "Stand By Me" from the "Playing for Change" website, is one of the songs we sing in children's hospitals and in nursing homes. I love the video below. I hope you enjoy it.

God's grace still amazes me, as does the power of music . . . ><>

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