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With apologies to all the "lefty's" out there . . .

Seems that I have, according to my chiropractor (who, if my memory has served me right, has never been wrong when it comes to diagnosing what ails me) . . .  I have nerve and ligament issues in my right shoulder caused by . . . 

"AHEM" . . . 

(note the not so subtle attempt at dramatic pause here  . . . )   

Wait for it . . . .

The way I sleep!

Seems I sleep a lot on my right shoulder  . . . and that . . . combined with a recent stacking of a bunch of kitchen tile in my garage  . . . caused my right shoulder to have a slight separation recently.

But . . . I thought I had just pulled a muscle . . . Hey, I'm a guy . . . "I'm good!"

However, the pain and discomfort increased dramatically over several days.

My wife said, "Go see your chiropractor, the one who is never wrong about what really is ailing you" . . .

So, I go see my chiropractor, and tell him I pulled a muscle in my right shoulder.  He examines me, and says different, that it was a slight shoulder separation . . . and as I said before, if my memory serves me right, my chiropractor is never wrong when it comes to diagnosing what ails me.

So . . . two weeks with the right arm in a sling.  I got a black one, pretty comfortable . . . and when I keep my arm in it . . . my shoulder actually starts to feel better.

Hopefully, this means no forthcoming surgery.  We will have to wait and see.

In the meantime . . . I am living as a "lefty" . . . not the easiest thing in the word to do if you have never lived that way before.  I have already embarrassed myself several times . . . and hereby apologize to all the lefty's out there, including my friend and ministry comrade, Nathan Firmin, and one of my daughters.

And . . . the truth is that I like and respect my chiropractor  (Dr. Curtis Ratliff) with all sincerity.  I would recommend him to anyone.  He is very, very, very good at what he does.

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>


floyd said…
You have forgotten that I am left-handed? Anyway, it's not a fair comparison, because you have never been forced to do things left-handed before. We cope with a right-handed world every day of our lives. Which may help explain why left-handers account for a far higher proportion of geniuses and extremely creative people among the population, and also a far higher proportion of schizophrenics. Not necessarily the same people, I should point out.

Rick said…
Aw Floyd, you are my good dear friend. Good dear friends look beyond things like who is right or left handed, who is better looking, who has the nicer guitar, who has the nicer home, who has the nicer car, who has the nicer home entertainment system . . .

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