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Ain't she a beauty ???

A Tacoma JK28CE jumbo acoustic. Ain't she a beauty?

For those of you who do not care a "lick" (pardon the pun, a little guitar humor there) about how someone decided on a guitar . . . you may want to go on to the next blog on your list.
If you are a guitar person . . . you might be interested in this journey of mine.

I've been considering getting and playing a jumbo acoustic for several years now. In fact, Sean at Dallas Used Guitar loaned me an Alvarez jumbo a few years back. I played it for our week long VBS, and at one of our 1st Church String Band concerts. I liked it size wise, but the sound was a bit tinny, which is normal for most Alvarez guitars.

For the most part, during the Children's Time and when I sing at area nursing homes or at funerals, I play my Martin DC-16GTE or my Martin D-15 mahogany guitar. I have played the DC-16 hard for 4 years now . . . and it is starting to show some wear, along with needing new frets and some work on the electronics. The D-15 was one of the special events in my life . . . I was in the right place at the right time when it crossed my path. In truth, it was sheer dumb luck. Martin's have a deep rich sound that I just love. Always have, always will.

But, I was still, every so often, wondering about 
getting a jumbo as my "travel" and Children's Church guitar, and just use the Martin's for our band performances. My thinking being that a jumbo might project better at nursing homes and other venues where I do not have access to a sound system . . . or where I don't have enough space to bring an amp.  

The other day, Sean calls and says, "you got to see this guitar." So I go see it . . . koa wood back and sides . . . absolutely beautiful . . . sitka spruce top . . . this guitar is a beauty indeed.  And it is a full-sized jumbo, 100% American made.

But good looks never means it sounds good. So I tuned up and started playing . . .

Our jaws dropped . . . I strummed and E chord and the guitar just resonated forever. Later that day, I played both my Martins and the Tacoma. Very similar sounds, but the Tacoma has a bit more volume . . . as I had hoped for.

I played it that same dayy at an after-school program at a local elementary school, then played it Thursday night at band rehearsal, and then played it at 3 of the morning worship services yesterday.

This guitar may be the best sounding guitar I have played over our sanctuary house/pa system.

Yeah . . . it's a keeper.

As best I can explain my relationship with guitars . . . they are tools for ministry. I like having the proper tools for any job I do. I don't mean that I buy a lot of tools . . . but I do buy the right tools.

This Tacoma jumbo is the right tool for the music I sing and perform.  Now, if I could just find a Tacoma jumbo 12-string . . .

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>


Anonymous said…
I picked up a JK28CE in 2009 or 2010 in a local music store in town. They were pretty ready to get rid of it since it had been there awhile. I LOVE this guitar. Everyone that plays it wants to buy it.

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