Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thank you, Dr. Floyd Diehm . . .

This morning at 11 AM, I officiated at a private graveside service for Dr. Floyd Diehm, the father of Dr. Ken Diehm, the senior pastor of our church, and my friend.

Later at 1:30 PM, we had a Memorial service to honor Dr. Floyd's life in our sanctuary.  Close to, if not more than, 350 people attended, many from our church, but also from St. Andrews UMC in Arlington, and several clergy colleagues from across our Annual Conference.

A committed Christian, husband, father and grandfather, Floyd was also a Disciples of Christ pastor for almost 40 years, whose passions were Bible study, evangelism, golf and fishing  . . . Floyd was an intense individual who sought to get all out of life that he could.

He believed in the "abundant life."   He had a passion for living, and for helping other people live.  He was one of the best encouragers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, and calling a friend.   Looking back on it now, the number of times in the past four years he encouraged me, are beyond my ability to count.  So frequent, so consistent was his encouragement to me and to others.  If anyone ever had the heart of a pastor, it was Dr. Floyd, as well as his son, Ken.

I give glory to God that I had an opportunity to know Floyd for the past 4 years.

Rest in peace, my friend.  Be with God!

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Lorie said...

VERY VERY TRUE!!!! What a blessing to have known Floyd Diehm.