Thursday, August 1, 2019

Embracing Digital . . . I hope it's not too late!

I have recently embarked, at the encouragement of my ministry coach, Jerry Roberson, to embrace going fully digital when it comes to planning my day, taking journal entries, calendar, to-do lists . . .

I'm not that digitally or computer challenged as I once was.  I remember working with Melissia Mason at FUMC in Grapevine.  Oh, the look on her face when she realized that I didn't have a clue as to what she was talking about when I would ask her for help using Microsoft Word.  Bless her heart.  But I do appreciate everything she taught me, and things started to click when I started using an iPad (3rd generation).

Melissia is the one who first encouraged me to write a blog over 14 years ago.  She is a much more proficient, and effecient communicator and blog writer than I am.  But she planted the seed and I continue to nurture it along.

Well, back to what Jerry has encouraged me to do . . . apparantly his definition of going "all in" digitally is doing everything on an iPad.  Granted, Jerry is a professional ministry / clergy coach and consultant.  He speaks at conferences.  He recently gave a great Ted-Talk.  So he must know what he is talking about.  My experience with Jerry these past two years is that when he suggests something, it is usually to my benefit to take the time to consider his counsel.

For those serving full-time in ministry, I would encourage you to consider a relationship with a ministry / clergy coach.  If you put in the effort, you will be blessed.

So, I will be purchasing a new iPad Air 3 in the coming week.  At Jerry's suggestion, I have already been learning to use a couple of apps that I was able to download onto my Samsung S9.

The first app is "Get it Done."   I'm already willing to say that this app was well worth the $39 it cost. It works with those who are fond of David Allen's GTD (Get Things Done) approach.  It works for me so far.  I will get some further training on maximizing this app to the fullest.

The next app is the one I simply love . . . Day One Journal.  This app cost around $35 for the premium edition, and it might be a little less through the Google Play Store for the android version.

Where has this app been all my life?

On a shelf in my church office and in my home office, I have dozens of notebooks and journal of all sizes where I wrote my daily to-do lists along with contact, meeting and project notes. (By the way . . . I have horrible handwriting . . . so you already know where this is going.)

 It was only recently that I learned a method to index my journals, alas too little too late as the process is completely analog, in that you have to start with the fist journal and work through it to the next one . .  repeat . . . rinse . . . repeat again.  Unless I put a reminder note in Google Calendars, I had to grab the current journal or past journal and start thumbing through the pages to find the entry I was looking for.

Day One Journal allows me to make my entries, which are completely searchable by using a key word.  "Click" and there is my info.  Awesome.

Here is the kicker (positive consequence) to all this . . . I am now writing more!   Why?  Because I can instantly find what I wrote!

Day One Journal works with other database apps . . . so far . . . I am really impressed.  Every day I seem to discover something new about it.  As I said, this app has me writing more.

The only drawback is that it doesn't work with a Windows computer, just IOS, Mac and Android.  The new iPad runs on IOS 12, so no problem handling this app when I am out and about.

Who knows, perhaps as old dog (I'm 62 years old) can learn some new tricks.

Thank you Melissia Mason, for encouraging me to learn more about computers and Digital stuff.

Thank you Jerry Roberson, for encouraging me (actually daring me) to become more efficient
so I can have more time to be with my family, and the people I work for and work with.

All good!

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