Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Heeding the Call to a New Mission Field . . .

This past Sunday, it was announced that Liz and I will be leaving FUMC Crowley and moving in July to the West District to serve FUMC in Comanche and FUMC in Gustine. This is a surpise move for everyone concerned. However, I took a vow at my elder's ordination that I would go where I was needed. This is one of those moves, and we believe we are being called into a new mission field. There is sadness, and excitment. Those who have gone through this process better understand what I can't exactly put into words.
Liz and I truly treasure the people here in Crowley. They are working hard to become the church that Christ is calling them to be. The folks in Crowley stood by me, and gave me the time to recover, when my knees were replaced, and when I decided that I had to lose weight and regain my health in order to become the best husband, father, grandfather and pastor I can be.
I thought I couldn't love a church staff as much as I did when I served in Grapevine, but then I arrived at Crowley. Together we have plowed ahead depending on God to lead us where we needed to go and do what we needed to do. That applies to everyone who has served FUMC Crowley in leadership as well.
We will leave with numerous memories, and with the belief that Crowley was one of the best places that we have ever had the privilege to serve. Still two more months of transition . . . but I say this . . . Crowley, it has been an honor to be your pastor for 4 years!!!

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