Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chili Bowl report . . .

Actually, I didn't think I was singing at our Chili Bowl IX this past Sunday, here at the church. I arrived early to help set up, and was asked, "So, are you singing for the Chili Bowl?"

Says I, "Sure, I guess so!"

So with the help of fellow staff member, Chris Abram, we got the church sound system up and I got about 30 minutes of warm up in, then proceeded to sing over 20 songs in 2 hours . . . in addition to being the MC for the event.

I had a blast. I pulled out my trusty Martin DC-16 . . . and off we went together on another musical journey. I sang "Perhaps Love" for the first time in public, and a new arrangement of "Johnny Be Good," and the old folk ballad, "Kisses Sweater Than Wine."

Several of our church members brought over a box that had a sign with the word "tips" on it, and put it in front of me. I think I got close to $20, which I donated back toward the Chili Bowl proceeds. At the end, people were singing along . . . as I said, I had a blast.

Funny things about getting tips . . . I find that when I sing songs that in some way cause people to remember something in their past, some pleasant memory . . . I get more in tips than I do otherwise. The more I "connect" (which really isn't the right word here), then the more in tips than if I just hurry through a song set. I think I am good enough these days to get tips in most venues I sing at . . . but sometimes the amount just floors me when I sense I've made a connection with the audience.

Because of the nightmare highway construction in our area, the attendance was a bit low this year . . . but everyone who attended had a great time . . . and the chili and "not chili" recipes were all very, very tasty.

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

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