Friday, October 11, 2019

Singing Update . . .

Since my arrival to Comanche County here in Texas, my therapeutic entertainment efforts (singing for senior citizens, etc.) has taken a back seat as I try to get in my stride being a pastor of a two-point charge for the first time in over 25 years.  Things are going well, and I seem to have my feet under me to the point that I've reached out and offered my services to area senior activity centers and nursing homes.

My first contact was Whitestone Assisted Living Center in Comanche.  I have two church members who are residents there.  This is a small assisted living center, and I am very proud to be associated with them as one of their entertainment volunteers.  I've sung there twice so far, and had a blast both times.  I try to work in a bit of comedy and story telling when I sing.  The folks at Whitestone seem to appreciate it.  They voted to have me come back!  I cherish that honor.  I will be singing there once a month.

I sang for the first time this past Wednesday at the Senior Center in Gustine.  The new director is a member at my church in Comanche.  We weren't sure how singing would be received.  The center is only open on Wednesdays, and the folks there sure enjoy their card games.  In fact, they are quite serious when they play.

When I arrived on Wednesday, I set up and announced that they should keep on playing cards, which they did.  However, they were paying attention, and some sang along with me, and most applauded after each of the songs.  They all thanked me, and seemed determine to confirm that I would come back.  Looks like I get the 12:20 PM slot every 2nd Wednesday of the month.

If I sound excited, I am.  Gustine is actually more of a village (by description) now than a town, although there is still a City Hall, Post Office, schools and a local bank.  There are a couple of shops, a few agricultural related businesses,  and a little gas station / store.   It feels good to plug into this community more than I have  been able too. I'm only in Gustine early on Sunday morning, and perhaps a couple hours each week.

I visited the Western Hills Nursing Home and Senior Center in Comanche several weeks back.  I will be returning soon to schedule singing at those locations.  

I've been invited to consider singing for a local community revitalization group sometime in November, but that hasn't been confirmed yet.   I'd imagine some older cowboy songs to be the order of the day for that event.

So . . . it looks like I will be singing at least 4 times a month for seniors adults.   I think that will be a good mix and work with my schedule.

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