Wednesday, April 10, 2019

I Finally Brought Home a RainSong . . .

Well, I've threatened to do it.  I've written about doing it.  Finally, I did it. 

I just brought home my RainSong Black Ice jumbo guitar.  This is my first venture into owning and playing a guitar that is constructed of graphite.

I got a great trade-in for my Taylor's, and even walked out with a very nice check for the difference in the price.  The Taylor's were probably the best and prettiest guitars I owned.  However, I never played them!  They were great gifts from a friend, who blessed my moving on from them.

I must say "so far so good."  The sound is a bit "purer" to me than that of a wooden guitar.  My Martin's are a bit louder, again to my ear, and I haven't yet played into a microphone to tell for sure.  My RainSong came with light guage bronze strings and I really prefer phosphor-bronze.  So I will be putting on a set of medium phoshor-bronze in a week or so.  RainSong customer service is pretty good.  I was told that I "might" have to adjust the neck a quarter-turn when I put the mediums on.   I've got the right tools to do it.  Should be no sweat.

This guitar is a keeper . . . I've already made that decision.  I've only had it for a couple of weeks, and I am just scratching the surface of what it can do, and what I can do when I play it. I have been pleasently surprised so far.  But I will admit, I went into this knowing it wasn't going to sound like a wooden guitar.

Oh, did I mention, it's one of the largest guitars that I now own, but it's also the lighest?   Oh, what a sincere pleasure it is to play this guitar for the usual 50-60 minutes of singing and playing that I do in front of senior adults in nursing homes or community centers. 

I'm certainly not a purist by any means.   I have no "relationship" with guitars like others do.  They are tools for what I need them to do. But this guitar is a "banger."  By that I mean it's a guitar that is impervious to humidity, heat and cold, which along with sunlight are the enemies of guitars that are made with wood.  A RainSong can supposedly be left in sunlight with no damage, not that I will ever try to find out if this is true. 

High humidity, low humidity, no change in sound.  That's good for me, as I'm in usually in New Mexico for a week or so in early fall.  Most of that time I play outside.  The case it came with fits nicely under the bed in our Grand Designs Imagine 2970rls travel trailer.   Looking, and sounding, good so far!

More to come. 

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