Friday, March 18, 2016

Hot off the presses . . .

Larry Dykstra's new book is available through Barnes and Noble and through

Hot off the presses!   A new book about singing as a way of serving . . . and you need to get a copy if you sing to children and/or senior adults as a volunteer.  You also need to get this book if you would benefit from learning more about another persons journey to discover how to serve others.  

Musical Hugs: Succeeding Through Serving, One Song At A Time.

Larry Dykstra, my good friend, music partner and Certified Therapeutic Music Entertainer (TME) mentor/trainer, is the author of this book.  I was pleased to read part of an advanced copy that he sent me by email.  Jim Newton, our good friend and TME mentor/"God Father," dropped off a copy of this book to me this morning.  Thank you Jim!

The book is about one man's dedicated and systematic journey to discover how to serve others through music.   One great take-a-way from this book is how Larry learned to value and then benefit from each of his experiences.  The last chapter, where he sums it all up, is worth the price of the book.  I don't want to give to much away . . . just get the book.  I give it 5 stars, and read it completely through in one setting.  It is well written, and you will find yourself feeling as if you are standing by Larry in each and every situation he faces as a musician and hospital chaplain.  This is a book you will easily connect with.

I have a shelf in my office where I keep a small handfull of books that I read each year.  This book is going on that shelf!

You can purchase your own copy of Musical Hugs by going to the Barnes & Noble website or through  Click on on either of these links and you should go directly to the page where you will be able to purchase this book with just a few clicks of your mouse.

God's grace, and musical hugs, still amazes me . . . ><>

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