Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's "Music" Resolutions . . .

I thought up a few music related New Year's Resolutions . . .  in other words, I had some time to waste.

But then, I got to thinking . . . singing and playing instruments is probably what has kept me sane all these years . . . and at least delayed the onset of whatever form of dementia lies in wait for me down the road.  There is research that supports the claim that singing improves cognitive and neural function.

No really . . . I am in a good mood today.  But . . . I stray from the subject at hand.

New Year's Music Resolution #1:   Stop buying guitars.

I wonder if I have it in me to keep from buying or trading for another guitar this year.  If I had the money, I would bet against myself.  I love visiting area music stores . . . especially Murphy's Music in Irving, TX. 

The truth might be that I actually née to sell or give away a few of my guitars.  I don't play all the ones that I have.  We will see where this goes in 2015.

New Year's Music Resolution #2:    Play more harmonica.

Both of my dear sweet daughters gave their Dad a Hohner Golden Melody Harmonica for Christmas, a Key of G and a Key of D.   I now have a Golden Melody in the keys of G, C, D, and E.  Later this year I will pick up another in the Key of A . . . and then I will be done for a while.  

My primary harmonica goal is to learn to bend some of the notes.   I would bet on my keeping this resolution. The one thing I haven't tried yet is using a harmonica holder and playing harmonica while playing guitar at the same time.  Let's add this to my resolution list as well.

New Year's Music Resolution #3:    Learn Claw Hammer Banjo.

If ever there was a BHAG (big audacious hairy goal) that I would set for myself, then it would be to learn to play Claw Hammer banjo on the long-neck banjo that Riva Laughlin gave me after Joe died.  The technique when explained is very simple . . . but something in the connection between my eyes, brain and right hand is a bit discombobulated. 

If ever there was a time I missed Joe Laughlin's help . . . it would be now as I try to develop this technique to where I could play Claw Hammer style in public.   Odds of keeping this resolution . . . 50/50.  But it won't be because I didn't try.

New Year's Music Resolution #4:    Accept as many gig invites as I can.

Keeping this resolution is based only on my becoming more disciplined with how I manage my daily/weekly schedule.  I have 5 older adult singing gigs each month.  I should have another regular monthly gig in the books sometime in January.  I don't see having 6 gigs-a-month as being any problem . . . but then, how about having 8 a month . . . or 10?   1st Church String Band gigs are part of this resolution as well.

In all honesty, I had a blast this month of December in 2014, singing more during the month than I ever have before.  Enough said.  I am going to sing more!  Put money on it. It's a sure thing.

What are your New Year's Music Resolutions for this year?  Let me know, won't you?

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

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