Monday, July 11, 2011

Hugworks Intensive Workshop Day 1

A long day at the Hugworks office in Hurst, TX. After reviewing the new TME apprentice training manual, we had a discussion with two music therapists for pointers on how we can better identify which songs we should be singing to children when we go into their hospital rooms. Interesting to hear that music therapy often has nothing to do with music, but in helping the patient/client have ownership of a decision. Their advice was practical. We will all become more effective now at "reading" the needs of those we sing to.

In the afternoon, we began a discussion about increasing the number of songs in the "other song" listing of the current TME music catalog. We each grabbed copies of Johann Anderson's "Songs" book and a couple hours later, we had a full legal pad sheet of songs that should past muster with the Child Life Specialists who will be recruited to vet out the songs. Speaking of the "Songs" book, I have had a current copy for many, many years . . . probably back to first time I was introduced to this great music resource in 1979 at a Youth Directors training camp held at the UMC Canyon Camp in Oklahoma.

I enjoyed some private coaching time with Jim Newton today. Jim is a good friend, and to be honest, I have greatly admired him from afar for many years. I have owned most of the albums, tapes and CD's that he, Paul G. Hill and Noel Paul Stookey have put out over the years under the Celebration Shop/Hugworks banner, not to mention the accompanying song books. Jim made a couple of suggestions that I will take deeply to heart. Paul Hill helped with identifying the basic songs for my personal song catalog. Great friends both. Great teachers/mentors both!

And . . . the Guild 12-string more than carried it's weight today!!! An awesome instrument. I need to take the Martin 12-string to Children's Hospital in Dallas on Wednesday. Tomorrow we will be at Cook's Children's in Fort Worth.

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

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