Monday, February 6, 2017

It's about time . . . new blog content and format.

Today finally begins my new attempt in changing the format of my blog, in part moving away from it being mostly music based, to becoming something that helps me share the difficulty in being a Baby-Boomer pastor serving in a Post-Modern world.   It's a balancing act.

I will turn 60 this coming May, and there are only about 3 of my pastoral licensing classmates left.  Several have died.  Many have moved on to other professional endeavors.  I'm still doing what I've come to love doing, serving a local United Methodist congregration as their pastor; loving them, caring for them, teaching them, and in turn being loved, cared for and taught by them.  I've been blessed along the way . . . and the way has often taken its toll on my health and my belief in the institutional church.

Some things about me that I should probably include here are:

-I do not now, nor have ever believed that religion of any sorts should be focused on maintaining, supporting, or believing any one theological ideology over another.

-I choose to believe that religion has everything to do with our helping people learn how to come into their own personal relationship with God\Christ/Spirit.

-I choose to believe in the power of God's love, and love in general.  After all, I'm and old folk-singer.

-I choose to believe that life is ALL ABOUT relationships with those around you!   That goes without saying that I choose to believe that being a good neighbor to everyone is very important. 

-I choose to live a life free of anger.  I I choose to believe that people don't want to listen to the follower/disciple of an angry god or savior.  I sure don't.

-I choose to believe that there is ALWAYS . . . ALWAYS . . . ALWAYS Hope!

-My choice of Christian and life beliefs are based on what Fr. Richard Rohr calls the "theological tripod" . . . Scripture, Tradition and Experience/Reason (Experience is the heavier of the two by far.) 

And . . .

God's grace still amazes me . . . ><>

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