Monday, February 6, 2017

Everyday Office EDC . . .

One thing I have learned about effective and efficient ministry (give that phrase some thought, Ok?) is that I am more mobile now than ever before. I have an nice office at church and a small study at my house.  I actually spend a lot of time reading and writing in restaurants, especialy Sonic Drive-Ins, where I go every morning to get my two ice teas . . . needed ingredients for starting my day correctly.  Hey, you probably have your prefered personal choice of caffiene delievery vehicle.  Mine is ice tea since I can't stand coffee, and I stopped drinking all soft drinks last year.

Recently, I added a pen and pencil roll to my shoulder bag as part of my pastoral EDC.   It will be in my bag, or rolled out on my desk at work or home.  This has been an effort in down-sizing, but these are the few things I use on a regular daily basis:

-Post-It Note file tabs
-6" Empire Stainless Steel Ruler (I Bullet Journal . . . always need a ruler.)
-4 Staedtler #2 HB pencils (soon to be replaced with Blackwing 602 Firm pencils in the coming week if I can justify the trip into downtown Fort Worth. 
-2 Pentel 0.7 Mechanical Pencils (0.7 lead will not easily tear Bible paper.)
-3 Sharpie Smear Guard Highlighters.
-3 Zebra F-701 Ball Point Pens (I keep on in my shirt pocket).
-1 Bic 4-color Ball Point Pen (for use when reading books)
-1 Blue Waterman Pen (with a G-2 .38 super fine ink gel cartridge).
-1 Black Sharpie
-1 Black inkd Stainless Steel Sharpie
-1 Antique 24" folding wood ruler (don't really use it . . . but it's so neat!)

Yes . . . I have DOWNSIZED!  I recently donated a box of pens and pencils to the church supply room.  Why do I have so much stuff in boxes in drawers or on shelves or in closets?  I may be an office supply addict. I'm trying to come clean. 

By the way . . . I am learning that if I spend most of the day in my office at the church, I usually visit or talk with fewer people.  If I go work at a table in a local restaurant, especially in between meal rush times, I will always end up seeing and talking to more people . . . especially if I Facebook my location.

My pesonal opinion . . . churches should hold more meetings in public places.  It is a good thing to let people see how we work, do business and make decisions. 

And . . .

God's graces still amazes me . . . ><>

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